Scott P. Zack Discusses Why We Need More Young Professionals to Join the Skill Trades Workforce

Scott P. Zack reveals the shortage of qualified individuals throughout the world's oldest occupations.

Skilled trade work is an industry of occupations that has always been needed. Unfortunately, due to shortages of qualified individuals, these occupations are desperate for young professionals. Learning a trade has always been a good, solid option. However, for many people, it was an option to fall back on, not their first choice.

However, Scott P. Zack explains that having a background as a trade worker is a surefire option that is in demand. For millennials, that means not only steady work, but also well-paying work.

The Demand is Growing

First, the trade businesses were thought of as second-rate. People took up a trade when they didn’t have any other options. In lieu of college, people who didn’t have a lot of money became an apprentice that taught them the trade. Whether this is plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, or automotive work, parents willed their children to aspire to do other things.

Unfortunately, instead of trying to push for trade jobs and defend the oldest professions, schools cut shop and mechanical classes. Industry professionals realized this was when they started to notice a decline in those vying for a trade job. The recession was the main reason for the shutdown of the classes. Yet, the lack of an argument between staff and students didn’t help.

Today, the supply is dwindling severely, and there aren't many people who have the skill to fill the position. Thus, the demand continues to grow.

Trades Are Essential

Trade jobs are physically demanding jobs. Yet, they can’t be automated - thus, they persevere. Humans are needed to figure out issues, build, wire, and clean out areas of everyday life. While technology can help trade workers perform their jobs safely, the process still needs humans. There is no way that a shortage in this industry can be mitigated by automation.

Additionally, since these trades are essential to the basic fabric of our modern society, they can’t be forgotten. Scott P. Zack hopes that the shortage can be rectified because the world would be altered drastically if something doesn’t change.

Increased Demand for Jobs

Ironically, in every other position, there’s an abundance of individuals looking for work. The only industry that’s severely struggling to find talent in the trade business. Qualified young professionals are overflowing in every other industry. Technology is among the biggest, but it’s difficult to find a job in almost every industry.

Jobs are only going to become more scarce. This means that wages will go down and more people will be unable to live comfortably. People need to figure out a happy medium. Fortunately, there’s a supply and demand. The young professionals simply must get qualified for it.

In summation, Scott P. Zack urges young professionals to explore the skilled trade industry. Skilled trade workers have a plethora of possibilities. The demand for each group is growing. So, people need to fill each demand to restore balance to the workforce system.

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