Phaze Concrete's Apprenticeship Program Battles the Trade Labor Shortage

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Phaze Concrete is doing what they can to help amend the trade labor shortage throughout the United States

The United States has a problem that is a bit of a catch twenty-two. There is a trade labor shortage throughout the country. Unfortunately, there are many people looking for work but are unqualified for trade labor positions.

There is more of an interest in technology. Due to the booming startup market, trade jobs are being overlooked, unfortunately. While this is a complicated issue, many companies themselves are not helping their cause. Companies are requiring their employees to have a certain skill, but they are not helping them obtain that skill.

However, Phaze Concrete is not most companies. This company is battling the trade labor shortage the best way it knows how. Phaze Concrete offers apprenticeships, looking out for the employee’s wellbeing and helping employees reach their goals.

Offering Apprenticeships

Phaze Concrete has always worked hard to offer apprentice and GED programs for their employees. Not only does the company give out information, they play an active role in helping their employees strive for success. The company will provide study material for the employee and work with their school schedule to help them work and study. That way, employees can continue to make money and pay their bills while achieving their educational goals.

Plus, by being open and honest about their apprenticeship program, Phaze Concrete is raising awareness of trade occupations. Many people might be interested in a trade but have no idea where to start. Phaze Concrete does not just provide a starting point. The company provides a plan for a bright future.

Looking Out for the Employee’s Wellbeing​

The wellbeing of a company’s employee is, sadly, not the highest concern of most modern companies. However, at Phaze Concrete, that is not the case. This company knows that their success stems from the people who they invest in; their employees. Thus, Phaze Concrete is keen to help employees in every aspect. This means taking care of them and looking out for their wellbeing.

Part of that is encouraging their employees to strive to new heights in their career. Phaze Concrete does not only make their apprenticeship opportunities available to those that ask, they promote them. The idea of family is extended to employees. Therefore, the company wants their people to do well and be happy.

Helping Employees Reach their Goals

It is common for companies to have a high turnover rate. This has a lot to do with companies having no interest in investing in their employees. Phaze Concrete does not want their employees to think of their position as just a job. They want the people who work for them to see a stable future, with an abundance of growth. Thus, Phaze Concrete does what they can to invest in their employees.

To close, Phaze Concrete is proud of their employees. They are also proud to offer such an expansive apprenticeship program. This family-owned company has a passion for trade work. After all, they built their life around it. Thus, they want to do everything they can to preserve the trade industries for future generations to enjoy.

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