People Technology and Processes Encourages Companies to Offer Better Benefits for New Hires

Victor Buonamia

More and more companies are offering above and beyond benefits, as part of their new hire package to lure the top millennials as they enter the workforce, or are currently changing into a new job/career.

People, Technology, and Processes combine technical expertise, innovative approaches, and operational experience to solve clients professional developmental hurdles, including creating benefits packages.

“These types of benefits are crucial to businesses long-term sustainability, and relevance,” Victor Buonamia, CEO of People, Technology and Processes explains. “The top performers are looking for more in their work environments. If you want to attract the very best talent, rethinking corporate benefits needs to be a priority. A large part of what we do at PTP is articulate to our clients how to provide these services to their employees, and maximize the potential they bring when they hire into these companies.”

It's also important to encourage employees to take advantage of health plans so that they feel great, physically and mentally.

Nicole Buonamia, Director of HR

One of the most important challenges is offering benefits, and encouraging your team to perform at the same time.

“New employees are looking for a mixture of learning and career development,” Victor Buonamia says, “with training programs, mentorships, and growth courses, businesses can attract ambitious new hires. Companies need to have a culture of learning and constant development because it provides an overarching sense of purpose in employees, that will motivate, and push them and the business forward.”

Paid time off and remote work days are two great ways to incentivize your team to work harder, recharge and work remotely when they need to recoup or travel on the road. Studies point to better mental health and overall productivity with the flexibility to split time between the office and at home.

“It’s also important to encourage employees to take advantage of health plans so that they feel great, physically and mentally,” Nicole Buonamia, Director of HR at People, technology, and Processes explains says. “Healthy employees that feel like the company is looking out for them, will always over-perform and become company evangelists.”

“No matter how old of a business it is, they can always change course,” Victor explains, "that's where People, Technology, and Processes comes in. Businesses need to build a foundation of trust with new hires that clearly communicates where the company is going and how they fit into the bigger picture. That sense of purpose, belonging, and excitement for what the company provides to the new hires life will create a lasting culture at companies are the world.”

People Technology and Processes leverage IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on Web-Based Knowledge Portals among many other skills. Connect with PTP today on LinkedIn.

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