Paul Ingram From Mesa Explains the 5 Best Qualities of a Construction Company

Paul Ingram

Construction adviser reveals the top five qualities people should look for in a construction company.

​There are many construction companies throughout the United States. Especially in places where there’s a high concentration of work, construction companies seem to come out of the woodwork. However, there’s a distinct set of qualities that legitimate companies have mastered.

Paul Ingram has put together this comprehensive list of the five best qualities of a construction company. This way, people can become educated about finding a reputable construction company.

1. Proven Record of Success

Construction companies that are legitimate, wholesome businesses will have a proven record of success. These companies are comfortable in the area they work in, and they are proud of the work they’ve done. If a company isn’t forthcoming with the different types of successful projects, it isn’t a good idea to move forward. According to Paul Ingram, the best-case scenario is that the company is inexperienced. However, even then, there should be some record of success from the founders of the company. So, if a construction company refuses to give a potential client anything, they should be very wary.

2. Prioritizes Safety

A construction company that prioritizes safety is a company that cares about their workers and their reputation. Construction work is dangerous. So, if a construction company isn’t willing to ensure the safety of their employees, they’re likely looking for easy money. Failure to prioritize safety should lead a potential buyer to believe they’re skimping in other areas too. If the person ends up being their client, the areas they’re skimping on will affect the person who hired them.

3. Maintains an Abundance of Resources

When building a reputation as a construction company, gaining resources is seamless. Networking for a construction company is not only essential, it's usually simple. Paul Ingram says that if a company is reputable, they should have a lot of resources. So, if they fail to maintain business relations and resources, there’s an issue.

4. Technologically Savvy

Technology is a friend of the construction company. There are always new safety procedures and technological advances in this field. Therefore, a good construction company must remain technologically savvy. If the owner isn’t too technological, they should know enough to find someone they trust to keep up with technologies. Thus, if the company refuses or thinks they don’t need technology, they’re behind in the times. Depending on how behind they are could mean serious structural and safety issues.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Every company in every industry should have excellent customer service. However, with construction workers, caring about the customer is even more important. Legitimate companies understand that people are trusting them with their homes and businesses. So, those companies have done their best to make customers feel comfortable and involved in the process. If a company makes little to no effort to go above and beyond for the customer, their reputation will suffer.

To close, construction companies can often come and go quickly. Yet, legitimate companies have a fortitude and qualities that are clear. Paul Ingram believes knowing these qualities will help customers find the right construction company quickly and efficiently.

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