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Victor Buonamia

Nicole Buonamia of People, Technology and Processes lead the field of application development with new innovations for business

With a deep bench of certified architects, business analysts, developers, graphic designers, quality assurance engineers and project managers, People, Technology and Processes will stick around long after the project is completed.

“By working with high-caliber partners like Microsoft, Tableau and LifeRay and using industry gold practices for developing tailored business solutions, clients are growing year-round,” explained Nicole Buonamia, the CFO and director of human resources at People, Technology and Processes.

The right content management systems aid businesses in having positive online experiences with organizations.

Nicole Buonamia, Head Of HR

“People, Technology and Processes will provide dedicated support teams to businesses as much as they need it,” Nicole Buonamia explained. “Support teams work around the clock to ensure client growth is the ultimate goal.”

As innovators in the field of managed services provider, People Technology and Processes knows how to build applications as well as infrastructures to host everything under one roof. Whatever the next web application project, People, Technology and Processes can help.

“Choosing the right content management system (CMS) for businesses' websites — and implementing them effectively — are critical factors in the success of businesses' online strategies,” explained Victor Buonamia. “Every application development project requires careful analysis of both the business objectives and technical requirements to achieve success, which is why it’s so important to use consulting services."

A web CMS serves to help organizations manage content, copy editing, graphics, layout, analytics and overall employee or customer experience. Choosing the right content management system makes it simple to develop and maintain a professional-looking and relevant online presence, for any organization, regardless of size.

“The right content management systems aid businesses in having positive online experiences with organizations,” says Nicole Buonamia, “effectively allowing companies to build and maintain a website that can scale to growth.”

Using CMS provides companies the ability to easily author, edit, publish and manage text, images and rich media while maintaining a consistent overall branding or look-and-feel on their websites.

For organizations with numerous editors or distributed publishing requirements, the workflow tools within a content management system enables businesses to safely delegate the management of the site's content among approved team members.

PTP Technologies specializes in Web CMS, primarily supporting SharePoint which can provide businesses with an excellent platform to build and maintain a compelling website, intranet or extranet that will generate results in their organization based on a company's requirements.

In addition, Microsoft SharePoint is a comprehensive portal solution that offers web content management as part of an enterprise content management strategy. Whether a company is looking to build a corporate website, intranet or extranet, SharePoint is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.

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