Infinite Beauty Explains the Science Behind Its High-Tech Beauty Treatments

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Well-known for its upscale boutiques across the United States, Infinity Beauty has also made a name for itself by investing heavily in some of the world's most cutting-edge beauty technologies.

Alongside the likes of the brand's signature facial, exclusive gold facial and red carpet treatments, Infinite Beauty also offers therapeutic options from technologically advanced beauty solutions providers such as The HydraFacial Company.

These, alongside numerous LED, high-frequency, microcurrent and ultrasonic therapies selected and refined by the brand, make Infinite Beauty a forerunner in the world of high-tech beauty treatments.

The pain-free, non-invasive light therapy soothes and rejuvenates skin of any age.

Eric Inbar, Vice President Of Operations

LED therapy, in particular, is enjoying a huge surge in popularity among Infinite Beauty's clients this year, according to the brand. "The pain-free, non-invasive light therapy soothes and rejuvenates skin of any age," explains Eric Inbar, the company's vice president of operations, "utilizing waves of colored light to trigger collagen production in addition to numerous other benefits."

He continues, "As a luxury skin care business, Infinite Beauty requires the ability to address a large variety of clients' needs, and our array of technologically advanced aesthetic solutions certainly allows for this."

Of particular interest to Infinite Beauty clients has been the arrival of HydraFacial MD® Highlights to three of the brand's New York and Maryland locations.

The award-winning HydraFacial MD® Highlights process claims to increase skin hydration and may reduce lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation or redness. It does so while simultaneously tackling oily or congested skin and assisting in the elimination of dark patches, says the brand.

Treatment with HydraFacial MD® Highlights, which combines advanced medical technologies with traditional spa therapies, takes just 30 minutes to complete and promises to provide immediate results.

Treatment involves exfoliation of the skin, a facial peel and utilization of what's known as mechanical lymphatic drainage in high-tech beauty circles, plus several further steps.

"Mechanical lymphatic drainage is a painless action which allows the skin to breathe, promoting a radiant and healthy appearance," Inbar further explains. "This is supported by coordinated LED light therapy which amplifies both the efficacy of the treatment and the immediate results."

The process continues at home, where clients are provided with a supply of serums, peptides and brightening agents as part of a quick and straightforward ongoing routine which aims to extend and amplify the effects of the initial procedure.

Of its microcurrent therapies, the brand reveals that the technology employs low-level electrical currents to lift and tone facial muscles, help reduce frown lines and tackle several other age-related skin complaints.

Galvanic therapy meanwhile is applied to the skin through a conductive treatment gel and is otherwise similar to the brand's microcurrent offerings. "Results include improved oxygenation and circulation of the blood in treated areas," points out Inbar, "as well as cleansing of skin impurities, and can increase penetration of any applied anti-aging products."

Also on the roster, Infinite Beauty's high-frequency therapy options see precise currents utilized to create an oscillating, oxygenating and heating effect on the skin. Benefits are said by the brand to include toning and hydration of the skin aimed at helping to renew aging skin cells.

More traditional treatments, which include a microdermabrasion detox, bio-brightening, vitamin C infusion, collagen treatment procedures and oxygen therapy are also available across all of Infinite Beauty's U.S. locations.

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