Infinite Beauty Continues to Champion Advances in Beauty Technology

MD® Highlights device

Advances in beauty technology have seen skincare devotees across the U.S. and around the world praising all manner of LED, high-frequency, microcurrent, and ultrasonic treatments since they first appeared on the scene.

"Technology has shaped the face of beauty in recent years," suggests Eric Inbar, Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations. "Our clients expect the best, and one of the ways in which we're able to deliver the best for our clients is through the latest advances in beauty technology."

It's with this in mind that Infinite Beauty has continued to invest in the latest advances from companies such as The HydraFacial Company.

Technology has shaped the face of beauty in recent years.

Eric Inbar, Vice President Of Operations

The HydraFacial Company is perhaps best known for its MD® Highlights device, which is now available at two of Infinite Beauty's three New York locations, as well as the brand's Bethesda, Maryland location.

"The most significant thing which the MD® Highlights treatment process brings to the table is what's known as mechanical lymphatic drainage," explains Inbar. "Despite its slightly ominous sounding name, mechanical lymphatic drainage is a painless action which simply allows the skin to breathe, promoting a radiant and healthy appearance."

He continues, "This is supported by coordinated LED light therapy which amplifies both the efficacy of the treatment and the immediate results."

LED therapy is also seen in several of Infinite Beauty's other treatments, claimed to soothe and rejuvenate skin of any age by utilizing waves of colored light to trigger collagen production. Pain-free and entirely non-invasive, Infinite Beauty also stocks an LED therapy device in which clients can purchase for use in the comfort of their own homes.

Combining advanced medical technologies with traditional spa therapies, the MD® Highlights process further includes exfoliation of the skin, a facial peel, and the application of a unique serum, exclusive to the process, to treated areas.

"Treatment takes just 30 minutes and provides immediate results," says Inbar, before going on to point out that clients have praised the process for being both relaxing and therapeutic, comparing it much more to a spa experience than any kind of medical procedure.

Of the brand's other tech-focused therapies, its microcurrent, high-frequency, and galvanic treatments each rely on low-level electrical currents to lift and tone muscles, reducing wrinkles, and improving oxygenation and circulation of the blood.

"As well as cleansing the skin of impurities, galvanic therapy in particular also promotes the increased penetration of any applied anti-aging products," Inbar further highlights.

Clients are invited to try one or more of Infinite Beauty's high-tech or more traditional treatments which also include a microdermabrasion detox, bio-brightening, vitamin C infusion, collagen treatment procedures, and oxygen therapy, as well as their signature facial, exclusive gold facial, and red carpet treatment, at their nearest location.

The brand can be found in New York (1031 3rd Ave, New York City, plus The Westchester Mall, White Plains, and Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City), California (Westfield Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara, and Westfield Galleria at Roseville Mall, Roseville), Florida (Town Center at Boca Raton, Boca Raton, and 119 Duval Street, Key West), and Maryland (Westfield Montgomery Mall, Bethesda).

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