CEO David Feldman of DJF Enterprises Utilizes a Successful 30-Year Career to Better Businesses

Highly experienced in both senior management and specialized consulting, CEO David Feldman has turned around the fortunes of numerous companies during a long and varied career.

With over three decades of experience in leading companies such as Missouri-based Katy Industries to success, Feldman knows better than most what's required to triumph in business.

During eight years as CEO at the St. Louis County cleaning and storage products manufacturer, David Feldman transformed operations from top to bottom, wiping out pre-existing debt and positioning the brand for future investment and acquisition possibilities.

During my career, I've learned that to encounter real success, incredibly tough decisions sometimes need to be made and difficult strategies executed.

David Feldman, CEO

"First and foremost, I implemented and delivered a renewed focus, starting by discarding non-core operations," Feldman explains. "I believe that serving any role in senior management demands a clear vision for the company in question, especially in the long term."

He continues, "This calls for complete focus and the development of an excellent team. In almost any industry, before a struggling business can progress and become profitable, difficult decisions will often need to be made."

According to Feldman, once a company successfully gets past and makes those decisions, they can then begin to focus on what he calls "the task at hand," and do so "properly, effectively, and profitably."

More recently, David Feldman has enjoyed further successes with DJF Enterprises, founder of the management and consulting firm, as well as Shelves West and Thayer-Carver among several other companies and organizations.

Looking on past achievements at companies such as General Electric, Holcim, and Cooper Lighting, David explains, "Commitment, competitiveness, and an ability to balance work and personal life are three characteristics every successful senior management position holder needs to possess."

These, he mentions, are all characteristics which, as a Union College graduate and successful CEO, he has embraced with absolute vigor. "During my career, I've learned that to encounter real success, incredibly tough decisions sometimes need to be made and difficult strategies executed," adds Feldman.

So, what advice would the well-respected businessman offer those looking to achieve similar levels of success? "Throughout my working life, I've held myself wholly responsible for continuously developing, learning, and always progressing. I'd advise others to do the same."

"What's more," Feldman notes, "I've always taken away something from each position I've held, and I count myself very lucky in that respect. As such, I can look back upon any role and tell you all the positive experiences I gained in that time."

"These experiences," he adds in conclusion, "have helped me at every step of the way, from the very beginning, right up to today."

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