Bill Rini Reveals Popular Summer Menu Choices at a Taste of Excellence Catering

Bill Rini

With weddings, social events, and corporate get-togethers all popular occasions among A Taste of Excellence's clients, the summer season is a busy one for the Cleveland-based catering business.

Under owner and boss Bill Rini, A Taste of Excellence Catering is well known for its high-end approach to food and drink, with Rini being a keen proponent of sourcing the finest local produce available.

"Our diverse menu selection is designed to exceed all expectation," suggests the catering company boss. "With much of our produce sourced locally, we're able to offer the most delicious, seasonal menu items right throughout the year."

Our diverse menu selection is designed to exceed all expectation.

Bill Rini, Owner, A Taste of Excellence Catering

With that said, Rini is especially proud of the company's summer menu lineup. "Delicious, high-quality produce is never more abundant than throughout the delightful summer months here in Cleveland," he adds.

"During summer, for example," Rini explains, "we have a classically Ohioan clambake offering, as well as a pig roast, summer's day picnic, executive cookout, and a wonderful, summery country barbecue-themed menu."

He continues, "We even offer a 'rise and shine' breakfast option which goes down especially well in summer, plus a popular 'late night snack' menu and bar service for after the sun has gone down."

Perfectly and carefully tailored to the Cleveland area, Rini couldn't be more proud of the hard work he and his team consistently put into their highly seasonal, top quality fare. "At the end of the day, it's about doing something special for our clients, and I always find summer to be an especially wonderful time of year for food, drink, and celebration," he adds.

Accordingly, recent testimonials are glowing, too. "Thank you, Bill, and to the rest of your awesome staff for making our dreams come to life. The food station and tapas menu were killer! Nothing but love for A Taste of Excellent Catering," says local personality, WKYC Cleveland's Sara Shookman.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Kathryn Hall says of A Taste of Excellence, "Thank you for the wonderful luncheon which you prepared. The food was creative, delicious, and promptly served. Again, thank you so much for making the day special."

Slightly less seasonal options also remain available throughout the summer months, such as traditional hors-d'oeuvres, as well as tapas and fusion menus. "These are all best enjoyed in the sunshine though!" exclaims Rini, further emphasizing his love of summer.

"We're also extremely well versed in providing entirely bespoke offerings, available at clients' requests," adds the catering company boss, pointing out that these, too, can be tailored toward a summer theme.

"Ultimately, we're here to delight our clients, come rain or shine, whether spring, summer, autumn, or winter," Rini adds, wrapping up, "and thanks to our abundant supply of delicious, highly seasonal, local produce, we're 100% able to do that, all year round."

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